Property Enquiry Certificates

Fast and Reliable PECs

You will need to obtain a Property Enquiry Certificate (PEC) when buying or selling property in Scotland, whether it is a residential or a non-residential property. When you order a PEC from PECS+, the knowledgeable team will use their intelligent search skills to compile the Property Enquiry Certificate for you. Indeed, members of our team were actively involved in the setting up of the first private PEC searching service in Scotland back in 1992, when everything was paper based!

Today, many publicly available registers are electronic but there are still other essential records that need to be acquired from the 32 Local Authorities in Scotland. Our long-experienced and friendly PECS+ team created our own in-house database of all essential PEC information and maintain this daily. This enables PECS+ to prepare a Property Enquiry Certificate for you, regardless of where your property is in Scotland. We back our PECs with full indemnity insurance for your complete peace of mind.


Contents of a Property Enquiry Certificate


The PECS+ team will check the planning status of the property itself, including any applications, past (where available) and present.They will check whether the property is a listed building, in a conservation area or affected by an Article 4. The PECS+ team will identify the relevant Council’s Local Development Plan, the current land-use policy zoning, and whether there are any current planning proposals, applications or Enforcement Notices affecting the property. An extended planning applications search can also be carried out if required, following the local authority neighbour notification parameters, for a further fee. Please contact us to enquire.


PECS+ will search for all relevant building warrant applications and determine if there are any related completion certificates. They will identify if the property is subject to any outstanding notices served, specifically because work has been carried out without the correct building warrant approval.

Statutory Notices

The PECS+ team will search for any statutory notices served on the property under various legislation, including Planning, Building, Housing, Environmental Protection, and for commercial properties any Health and Safety Legislation. The team will also obtain financial information, where available, on your behalf and in most instances there is no extra charge. PECS+ can supply details of specific legislation covered upon request.

Contaminated Land Register

PECS+ will search to see if the property or any land within the title boundary of the subjects appears on this register, ensuring compliance with the requirements of the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) Handbook.


The PECS+ team will search the status of the roads ex adverso the property boundary and confirm whether the Council has adopted the carriageways, footpaths or verges for maintenance purposes. They will identify whether there are any future significant road schemes/transport proposals in the vicinity of the property.


The PECS+ team will check whether there are any publicly maintained water/sewer pipes lying ex adverso the boundary of the property. The location of any such Scottish Water pipes can be identified on a map if required but will be supplied as standard at no extra fee, if deemed essential to clarifying the location for the PEC. The team can also assist with septic tank registration with SEPA.

PECs for Properties at Auction

When considering buying a property from a property auction, whether it is a residential or non-residential property in Scotland, you will want to obtain as much information as possible to ensure you are making an informed purchase. If the legal information pack for the property you are interested in does not include a Property Enquiry Certificate with details, for example, of any adverse statutory notices/orders that may have related cost implications, then PECS+ can help.

Not yet engaged the services of a Solicitor, but want peace of mind, before committing to other unnecessary expense? Then Order Your Property Enquiry Certificate directly from PECS+ today.

Ordering a PEC

You can choose to order a Property Enquiry Certificate (PEC) as a standalone report from PECS+ or order it together with a Legal Report. Ordering a PEC and a Legal Report, but you are unsure whether you require a Coal Mining Report as well? That’s no problem, the PECS+ team will check this for you, and if not needed, you will not be charged. Registered firms can Order a PEC online.

PEC Warranty

For complete peace of mind PECS+ has Professional Indemnity Insurance to cover all reports, a copy of which is available upon request.

Turnaround Time

The PECS+ team endeavour to supply all reports within 48 hours; however, same day service is available upon request. The PECS+ team will upload your reports in PDF format to your online account upon completion with instant email notification.