Other Services

Additional Searches & Reports

At PECS+, along with supplying Property Enquiry Certificates, Legal Reports, and Coal Mining Reports, our team have a wealth of experience in Other Services too.  PECS+ provide reports on properties throughout Scotland that are reliable and relevant.

The PECS+ team use intelligent search techniques to extract the data required to compile your report in a clear and concise format.  To find the information you need about a property, PECS+ can carry out multiple searches.  Whether the property in Scotland is residential or non-residential, the PECS+ team can help get the information you need.

Other Services

Plans Reports

When registering a plot of land for the first time, a Plans Report is necessary.  At PECS, Plans Reports are sourced directly from Registers of Scotland, as our team believe that only RoS can accurately ensure whether a plan or deed is suitable for registration.  All 3 levels of Plans Reports can be provided.

Diligence Reports/Personal Searches

PECS+ apply intelligent search techniques to search both the Register of Inhibitions and the Register of Insolvencies to identify any exact matches plus potential matches against the names and addresses supplied.

Road Adoption Plans/Reports

The PECS+ team can obtain Road Adoption Plans/Reports from most Local Authorities in Scotland, however, the information provided and timescales can vary from one Local Authority to another.

Company and Charges Reports

With direct access to Companies House, the PECS+ team can provide full company information including Directors, Shareholders and Secretary details and disclosure of any outstanding charges.

Utilities Reports/Plans

PECS+ can provide Full Utility Searches including plans for the property/area of land in question and can assist with registration of septic tanks with SEPA.

Copy Deeds/Extracts

PECS+ can provide copies and extracts of any Deeds required.

Ownership Reports

Reports to confirm the ownership of an identified property or area of land can be provided by PECS.

RCIL Searches

PECS+ can provide searches in the Register of Community Interests in Land throughout Scotland.

Environmental Reports

The PECS+ team can provide various types of Environmental Reports on both residential and commercial property, to determine whether past uses of the land and the surrounding area are contaminated or if there are other possible environmental risks, such as flooding, ground stability, radon, and energy and infrastructure projects (such as solar and wind farms).

Deed Plans & Location Plans

To clarify boundaries of a property, all Deed Plans/Location Plans are produced on current Ordnance Survey basemaps and satisfy the requirements of Registers of Scotland.

Ordering and Turnaround Time

The PECS+ team endeavour to supply all in-house reports within 48 hours; however, same day service is available upon request.  Timescales for the procurement of third-party reports, such as Plans Reports, Environmental Reports and Utilities Searches, will vary and can take longer, therefore, please call or email to discuss your requirements regarding these.  Upon completion, the PECS+ team will upload your reports in PDF format to your account. Many of our additional services can be ordered online. For more specialist searches, please contact us.