Legal Reports

Legal Reports

When you order a Legal Report from PECS+, our experienced and knowledgeable team will search all relevant registers to produce a detailed report for you. The Legal Report will include a summary of all relevant title information obtained through our intelligent searching approach. All relevant details from the sasine or land register entries, including deeds in the registration process, advance notices and any caveat details, will be collated into a clear and concise Legal Report. As standard, the Legal Report, Registered or Un-Registered, will include any potentially adverse entries found in the Register of Inhibitions and any entries held in the Register of Insolvencies, in respect of all proprietors/parties identified as being associated with the transaction.

The PECS+ team will supply a copy of the Title Sheet and Plan where applicable, as standard, at no further cost.

Title Deeds

Legal Reports for Properties at Auction

When considering buying a property from a property auction, whether it is a residential or non-residential property in Scotland, you will want to obtain as much information as possible to ensure you are making an informed purchase. If the legal information pack for the property you are interested in does not include a Legal Report to provide you, for example, with details of any burdens/charges against the property, PECS+ can help.

Not yet engaged the services of a Solicitor, but want peace of mind, before committing to other unnecessary expense? Then Order your Legal Report from PECS+ today.

Ordering a Legal Report

You can choose to order a Legal Report from PECS+ as a standalone report or order it together with a Property Enquiry Certificate (PEC). Ordering a Legal Report and a PEC, but you are unsure whether you require a Coal Mining Report as well? That’s no problem, the PECS+ team will check this for you, and if not needed, you will not be charged. Registered firms can Order a Legal Report online.

Legal Report Warranty

For complete peace of mind PECS+ has Professional Indemnity Insurance to cover all reports, a copy of which is available upon request.

Turnaround Time

The PECS+ team endeavour to supply all reports within 48 hours; however, same day service is available upon request. The PECS+ team will upload your reports in PDF format to your account upon completion. We endeavour to return Legal Continuation Reports by midday at the latest on the date requested, if added to the PECS+ diary beforehand.