Coal Mining Reports

Reports for Areas with Historical Coal Mines

When you order a Coal Mining Report from PECS+, our team will confirm whether your residential or non-residential property is in a former coal mining area.  If it’s not, we’ll let you know.  No matter where the property location is in Scotland, PECS+ can provide a Coal Mining Report for you.  Clear information, such as mine entrances within 20 metres of the boundaries around your property, gas emissions and other hazards from coal mines reported in the area, and any other data relating to known or suspected risks associated with coal mining in the past, is contained in the Coal Mining Report.  Ordering your Coal Mining Report from PECS+ gives you the right information you need, so you can make an informed decision when buying a residential or non-residential property in Scotland.

Coal Mining Reports
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Coal Mining Reports for Properties at Auction

When considering buying from a property auction, whether it is a residential or non-residential property in Scotland you will want to obtain as much information as possible to ensure you are making an informed purchase.  If the legal information pack for the property you are interested in does not include a Coal Mining Report, or you are not sure whether one is required, PECS+ can help.

Not yet engaged the services of a Solicitor, but want peace of mind, before committing to other unnecessary expenses?  Then contact PECS+ today, our team are happy to help.

Ordering a Coal Mining Report

You can choose to order a Coal Mining Report as a standalone report from PECS+ or order it together with a PEC and a Legal Report.  Not sure if you require one?  That’s no problem, the PECS+ team will check this for you.  Registered firms can Order a Coal Mining Report online.

Turnaround Time

The PECS+ team endeavour to supply all reports within 48 hours; however, same day service is available upon request and Coal Mining Reports can often be provided within a few hours.  The PECS+ team will upload your reports in PDF format to your account upon completion.