Welcome to PECS+, the new home of Property Enquiry Certificates Scotland.

The PECS+ team provide the full suite of indemnified property reports and intelligent searching services to those involved in buying and selling property throughout Scotland.  Our clients include conveyancing solicitors, estate agents, housebuilders, asset management companies and members of the general public e.g. those going to a property auction.  The PECS+ team is based in Lanarkshire, in the heart of Scotland’s central belt, and cover all 32 Local Authority areas across Scotland.

We want to ensure that you, our customers and potential customers, are fully aware of the broad range of services we now provide. In addition to the most common reports i.e. Property Enquiry Certificates (PECS), Legal Reports and Coal Mining Reports, we also provide other products to assist in the progress of your residential or commercial property transactions such as Plans Reports, Environmental Reports, Roads Adoption Plans/Reports and copies of Planning Consents/Building Warrants.

Property Portfolios

Are you needing to order a large volume of reports for residential or commercial properties for yourself or a client? That’s no problem. Whether you need to order reports for 10 or 100 properties, PECS+ take the hassle away. Just email us your list of properties and report/search requirements and we’ll take it from there.

Generous discounts are also available for Portfolio Orders, but we will work with you to provide the most cost-effective solution for you and your client.

Reports will be delivered in the format and timescales agreed. Contact us here to discuss your requirements.

Auction Properties

Are you interested in finding out a bit more about a residential or commercial property, before having to engage the services of a Solicitor or attending the auction itself? If so, then the PECS+ team are here to help.

Quite often the Auction Property Legal Pack is only available on the day of the auction itself, or, if available before, it may not contain all the information you may want to know. Contact us to discuss ordering reports that will help you make a more informed purchase…or not.

     A Simple Ethos

  • Provide clear, concise and accurate products
  • Efficient and cost-effective delivery
  • Customers are our focus – we will go that extra mile
  • Scotland-wide service that Solicitors (and others) can rely on
  • +A team who work together and apply intelligent thinking to their part in the conveyancing process

Our professional and timely approach to all our reports is what makes PECS+ a trusted partner to many legal firms throughout Scotland.  To find out more about the PECS+ team, take a look at Who We Are.

You can Order A Fully Indemnified Report online.  Register your firm today and we will get your account set up for you and your team.